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Q-16 and the Lord of the Unfinished Tower – Book Launch


A bit late with posting this on the website since I’ve been in the midst of preparations (books printing, organization and such) but nonetheless here it is.

I am pleased to announce that I will be launching Q-16 and the Lord of the Unfinished Tower at Ad Astra this year. The launch will be held on Saturday May 6th from 12- 2pm. There will be a reading, Q&A as well as a raffle. There will also be refreshments provided by Galaxy Teas. Admitance to Ad Astra is free from 11-1pm. If you plan to stay longer at the convention past this time, a pass will need to be purchased.

It’s a Launch!


After many, many years of breaking pencils, keyboards and on occasion my brain it’s finally happened

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